30 before 30.

30 things I want to accomplish before I turn thirty:

1. Finish Uni.
2. Become a full time graphic and web designer.
3. Get engaged.
4. Take a road trip interstate.
5. Go overseas for the first time.
6. Get a tonsillectomy.
7. Have laser eye surgery.
8. Buy a new car.
9. Move into a larger house or apartment that allows pets.
10. Adopt a dog.
11. Take a cooking class.
12. Go on a cruise.
13. Visit every Australian State/Territory.
14. Volunteer somewhere.
15. Go bungee jumping.
16. Sky dive.
17. Ride in a hot air balloon.
18. Adopt another dog.
19. Save $50,000.
20. Design our first home.
21. Put the down payment on said home.
22. Decorate the interior of our first home.
23. Plant a vegetable/herb garden.
24. Get my manual license.
25. Plan my dream wedding.
26. Get married.
27. Take an extended overseas honeymoon.
28. Fall pregnant.
29. Have our first baby.
30. Be earning more than $1000 per week.


  1. I hope you achieve all these! :)


  2. Holy moly! I hope you have longer left in your 20s than I do! I admire that you have so many saving goals! I need to spend less and save more.

    Cool blog here! It's nice to see another person in Queensland blogging!

    Sal x


  3. What an awesome list!
    You should definitely re-visit Melbourne!
    And if you need any tips of places to go, just ask me!

  4. You should definitely try white water rafting, it's so cool and exciting at the same time.
    white water rafting tennessee

  5. i like how you say "fall pregnant." how quaint. good luck!!

    1. Thanks! I've always had a strange feeling that I might never fall pregnant, so this in itself would be an amazing accomplishment for me. :P


  6. i love this post ! So much so i wrote one my self :) http://thatgirlnextdoor04.blogspot.com.au/2014/11/30-before-30.html

    Thanks for the inspiration x


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