Exam Day.

Hey guys! Well, I had my exam this afternoon.. pretty sure I aced it too. :) I'm so glad that it's all over now and I can finally start my holidays. I've had the most boring past week and been the biggest nerd, so this week my aim is to make the daily effort to look and feel beautiful.. and to steal my partners camera long enough to take some half decent shots. He's obsessed with his little camera (the one in my blog header) and decided to purchase yet another lens for it today. Here are a few of the shots he took whilst mucking around with it. I feel bad putting my name on his photos, but he wouldn't let me put his name and I just wanted to show them off. I am secretly jealous of his artistic abilities (and his large brain, lol).. anyway, enjoy!

Me being a nerd.


Qwerty keyboard.


Me, though I'm not really this pale.

Oh and here's one of the photos that I actually took. Can you see the difference? I'm clearly lacking in the creativity department. :P

'Chuck Bass' watching me watching him.

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