Monday, 27 June 2011

His and Hers - Dislikes.


Biggest pet peeve: "Being asked blog questions".

Most hated food: Pumpkin.

Most despised type of music: R 'n B.

Chore to avoid: The dishes.

Worst trend imaginable: Blogging.

Idea of the worst vacation: Going somewhere rainy.


Biggest pet peeve: Queenslander's not being allowed to keep rabbits as pets.

Most hated food: Salmon/Tuna.

Most despised type of music: Techno.

Chore to avoid: Cleaning the shower.

Worst trend imaginable: Those oversized midriff tops.

Idea of the worst vacation: Going to a beach side community and staying in a hotel a few blocks from the beach (because that's my daily life).

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  1. HIS: I agree with Worst Vacation. I certainly wouldn't like going somewhere rainy, but then again, it makes a wonderful excuse to snuggle up and watch movies together. :)

    HERS: You don't like tuna??? Oh I love it! I agree with cleaning the shower though! I can't stand it! Haha.

    Great post. :)



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