Snap Happy Sunday.

So last night B and I attended a 'Video Game' themed party for one of our friends birthdays. Given that I don't have blonde hair and couldn't go as Princess Peach (plus I knew someone else would likely go as her), I decided to get my sexy on and dress up as Tomb Raider. Another reason I chose to go as Tomb Raider is because this was the first game I ever played on PlayStation One and it still remains one of my favourites (I'm actually playing 'Tomb Raider: Anniversary' on the PC at the moment). :D 

My costume inspiration. ;)

Anyway, B was being completely indecisive right up until the last minute when he decided to purchase a child size Spider Man mask and web gun costume set. I don't really know why he bothered though. He ended up taking the mask off ten minutes after we'd arrived, and anyone who arrived after that just assumed he was dressed up as Tin Tin (which is ironically his high school nickname). 

So yeah, here are a few of the photos that were taken.. enjoy!

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