Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dachshund Wallpapers.

Hello lovely followers, 

Here are a couple of miniature dachshund wallpapers that I made which I thought some of you might like to use for your desktop background. 

If you would like to use one, please leave a comment below, then just right click on your preferred wallpaper and select  "save image as". These are tiled wallpapers only.

Dachshund Brown Wallpaper

Dachshund Pink Wallpaper



  1. Very cute :) Looks good on your blog!

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  2. so cute, can you do tutorials on how to do a blog or at least a header for blogspot?

    I would really appreciate it!


  3. Thanks guys!

    @ Lea: I would love to, but maybe later later on in the year when I am feeling more confident. :)

    - Felicity. x


  4. Love it, I'm an owner of two miniature dachshunds and love anything daxxie related! xo


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