I'm back!

That's right, at long last I have returned to the blogging world! Unfortunately I'm still super busy with assignments, appointments and a touch of Spring cleaning, so I've decided to give you a recap of the past 3 and a half weeks of my life in picture form. :)

The sausage dog wall decal I purchased for our apartment.

A large portion of my diet.

Erasers I purchased from the schools book fair.

Getting my yellow on for Sports Day.

More yellow!

A pirate corner I set up for the kids.

My treasure map.

Tea staining 24 students' treasure maps.

Pirate stickers (prizes for the treasure hunt).

Milkyway cars with Tiny Teddy drivers for Fathers Day.

Phoebe sleeping on my lap.

'Vitamin C' that I made during Science class at Uni.

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