Sunday, 20 November 2011

Snap Happy Sunday.

Hey guys! Since this is the first Snap Happy Sunday that I've participated in for a while, I figured I'd post some snap shots of what I've been getting up to these past few months (besides Uni). Have a lovely Sunday and I hope you enjoy!

Had my best friend return home after 4 months in Europe.

Received some souvenirs. :D

Met another friend's baby boy for the first time.

Ate several of B's scrumptious mini roast dinners.

Saw Carl Barron live for the very first time.

Had my arm signed by Carl himself.

Got some dvd's signed as well. :)

Spent some quality time with Phoebe.

Became addicted to Facebook's 'Dexter Slice of Life' game.

Finally got the Sims 3 'Pets' (that's supposed to be Phoebe). 

Hung out with my friends pet rat 'Ding Ding'.

Shared a coke with B (minus the sharing part).

Had some balayage put through my hair by the bestie.

Made some chocolate cupcakes (these were for B). <3

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