Dear 15-year-old self,

Ugg boots are slippers and should only be worn at home. I don't care how fluffy and cute they are.

Pink is not your colour.

Don't stress, you won't be working at McDonalds forever. Next you will be working at a Pizza store.

Anthony Callea is gay. He isn't going to marry you.

Besides, you've technically already met the man of your dreams.

MySpace basically doesn't exist anymore.

Your favourite tv shows are Friends and Dexter, not The Simple Life.

Actually, you should just forget about liking Paris Hilton full stop.

You will change your hair colour many times during the next seven years.

You will only stay close friends with 2-3 girls from your high school.

These older boys you keep crushing on will turn out to be nothing but trouble.

You will find yourself in not one, not two, but three car accidents before you finish high school (I guess bad things really do happen in three's). 

You won't have a date for your senior formal. Your dress will be stunning though.

Despite your best efforts you won't be able to sit the QCS test to get an OP score, but you will still graduate from Year 12 with everyone else.

You will go on to get a Diploma in something you never would have imagined and a Degree in something that will make your family proud.

You will be diagnosed as having a narcoleptic sleeping disorder. 

It will take nearly 3 years of blood tests, x-rays, ultra sounds, misdiagnosis, psychiatrists, more misdiagnosis, more blood tests, wasting lots of money on herbal remedies that don't work, changing GP's, starting these tests all over again, being referred to a sleep specialist and attending numerous overnight and daytime sleep studies for the doctors to finally work out what is wrong with you.

You will become heavily medicated and will begin to form compulsive habits, such as jaw clenching and nail biting/skin chewing. You will absolutely mutilate your fingernails. You will get lock jaw and have sensitive teeth. You will constantly feel like you are hungover.

You will have to start wearing glasses.

You will lose a family pet.

You will discover the awesomeness of owning a Miniature Dachshund puppy.

Your Mother will be diagnosed with Cancer. Don't be scared. She will beat the cancer and be a much stronger person because of it.

You will move out of home for the first time. You will have the most awesome house mates who you will end up missing immensely when you decide to move back home.

Don't worry though. Not long after you move back home you will finally find out how it feels to move out with the person you love.

You will get yourself into a car accident on moving day, this time it will be your fault.

You will be unemployed for the majority of 2011.

You will start a blog and eventually write this letter to yourself in an attempt to put the pieces of your life together, before putting the past to rest.

Yours sincerely

P.s. You won't be married by twenty-two, but you will have your kids names picked out.


  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE this post :)


  2. awww I loved this post! I kind want to one too now... this was fun finding out all those things about you :)

  3. whata good idea for a post!I think I might do it!

  4. this was a really cute post! so funny, and I'm happy your mum survived cancer! xx

  5. Heyyyy! Thanks for sharing! Loved reading it! And, i'm so happy your mom beat cancer's ass! That really takes a strong person!

  6. Oh this is an awesome post! I love this, and everything you said is so true! But being 15, you just wouldn't wanna listen to anything like that! HA!
    I think your blog is adorable!x


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