Snap Happy Sunday - My Artwork.

This is my favourite piece. I made this for my Mum back when she was struggling with breast cancer in early 2009. 

Petits gâteaux is french for 'small cake', or cupcake. :) I was madly obsessed with cupcakes when I painted this piece for my future (now present) kitchen a couple of years ago.

I call this piece 'Family'. I made it as a birthday gift for my cousin and her two children. The purple space represents my cousin, the pink space represents her daughter and the blue space represents her son. The colours weave in and out of one another to show how they are all connected as one. :)

I made this piece almost 3 years ago, shortly after I'd had all of my hair chopped off. I had this silly idea that if I painted a girl with long flowing hair and hung it beside my mirror where I could see it every day that maybe my hair would grow back quicker.. it didn't. Still, I'm glad I painted it.


  1. Oh wow these are gorgeous, you're so talented. The Hope sign is so special! You should consider making some to sell on etsy or something :) xx

  2. @ Sheri: Thanks so much for saying this. It's kind words like yours that are the biggest motivator for me to keep being creative. :)

    - Felicity. x

  3. That Hope gift is beautiful honey. Such a thoughtful and special piece of art

  4. Wow girl, these are amazing! Really. Amazing. I love the family/butterfly one. You make me want to paint more!

  5. I love the girl with the long hair painting!

  6. Oooh! I love the last one the best!


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