Colour calibration + Blog design drama!

Up until today I had absolutely no idea what "colour calibration" meant, and right now I'm wishing that I didn't! Let's start from the beginning..

As I've mentioned on here before, I'm a bit of a closet blogger. Only 5 of my real life friends have ever seen my blog (as far as I am aware) and when we talk about my blog, we usually only discuss the content of my blog and not the blog design itself.

So you can imagine how shocked I was when one of these friends came over yesterday and commented on how the colour of my blog layout looked a lot different on my laptop to the way that it looked on her computer at home. I immediately asked her if my layout looked a peachy colour as I had seen it look this way before on my partners computer (I had always assumed that HIS computer was distorting it), to which she replied "yes". I then remembered my layout looking peachy one other time when I was using my brothers computer at my mothers house.. I was horrified! :|

All this time I thought my layout was a gorgeous, deep, very girly pink.. not a peachy, almost orangey type of colour! I realise my layout probably doesn't look that bad to all of you guys (wasn't orange/peach supposed to be the new pink once? lol) but to me it's a really big deal. :( I mean seriously, what else have I been editing in photoshop to look a certain way, when in reality it looks completely different on everybody else's computer? Why I hadn't I picked up on this sooner? 

I asked B this morning if he knew how to fix it, and after an hour of him stuffing around with my computers settings he told me that he couldn't. B's the biggest computer whiz I know, so if he says that he can't fix it then I honestly don't know who could. 

I'm supposed to be running a (hopefully) soon-to-be successful blog design service, so I guess I should be thankful that I've found out about this early on.. but not being able to fix the problem is like a giant slap in the face! B said I can borrow his computer to get the colours right before I start a blog design, which is very helpful, but holey moley talk about a lot of extra effort!

Anyway, enough of my ranting.. instead I would like to know whether or not any of you have had troubles with colour calibration in the past? and if so, how did you solve this problem?


  1. The best (and most expensive) way to fix this is to buy a spyder:

    I'm not entirely sure how much they are, but they're more than I can afford at the moment. Anyway... they run across your screen and calibrate things. For a designer or photographer, this should ideally be done a month or two, I believe, since light, temperature, even the color of your shirt, can change the calibration on your screen.

    I've heard of online software than can sort of do the same thing, but I can't remember what it's called. From what I've heard, it doesn't do as good of a job though.

    Are you on a Mac or PC? On my Macbook, when I go into System Preferences > Display > Color, there are some different color profiles there that I can choose. Right now it seems to be defaulting on "Color LCD", and there's also a calibration option. I'm sure there's a similar preference panel in Windows, but I wouldn't have a clue how to find it.

    Anyway... that's about the extent of my knowledge. I largely ignore this at the moment, but once I get my own graphic design studio up and running (after I finish school and get some work experience, that is), I'll definitely have to invest in a spyder.

    1. Hey Jen,

      Thanks for the quick and detailed response!

      My partner came across the same program but just like with you, it is out of my price range. :(

      I'm using a PC. I'm not sure what mine is defaulting on, but I was watching my partner play around with those settings and they all made my computer look exactly the same.

      Oh well. Thanks for trying to help! I really appreciate it. :)

      - Felicity. x

  2. I think your color looks cute as a peachy pink! (: <3
    Love your blog!!!

    ~Gillian @

  3. Dear Felicity...

    I will be honest. I don't know what are you talking about (most of it because I'm not that genius in pc stuff...:) but you have to know that on my laptop your blog doesn't seem peachy but it has a sweet light shade of pink, very girly and absolutely NO orange or peach tones! That's all...

    (love your blog btw:)


    1. Lol, thanks Lara. :) I guess nobody is going to have the perfect computer/colour calibration and most people will view my blog slightly different so I should just get over it hey? :P

      - Felicity. x

  4. The peachy color looks cute. Color calibration is tough, except I don't think I have really run into it designing online myself. I think designing on a mac has helped a bit, PC's seem to be all over the place some times. It is such a pain, however, working on a project and going to print it and the printer isn't calibrated correctly though. Ugh. Designer problems. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Allison! And thanks for the good luck, hehe. :)

      - Felicity. x


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