I feel so deflated.

Sorry to those of you who were waiting for my usual 'Friday Favourites' post yesterday, but I just didn't have the energy to throw together anything cheerful.. I mean aside from the scrumptious baked carbonara that I whipped up for dinner last night.

You see, yesterday morning I had to sit my summer semester exam for Mathematics. I went into the exam feeling pretty confident as I had already received a 'B' for my assignment, and only needed to score 17/50 on the exam in order to pass the course. I had also been studying pretty hard this past week on what I thought would be some of the questions in the test.. but boy was I wrong. 

It ended up taking me the whole two hours to almost complete the exam, whilst most of the other students confidently stood up and left the exam 30-40 minutes early. Once I was informed that it was time to put my pen down, I quickly scanned through my answers and tried to mark myself honestly. Turns out I would be lucky to receive 8/50 on the exam.

Needless to say I feel completely and utterly deflated right now. :(


  1. Eeep! I hope it turns out to all be ok. Some times I would feel like I did bad on an exam to find out I did quite well. So good luck! And it is the weekend, so smile :]

  2. SO FUNNY!



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