Thoughts on owning a Sausage Dog.

They need to be walked at least once a day or they will literally walk themselves.

They like to eat alot and they will eat just about anything.. Prescription glasses, tissues, jewellery - you name it.

You will purchase and watch them destroy over 100 toys in their lifetime [I say this because my own 2 year old dachshund has already murdered 50+ toys].

Unless you train them really well they will not play fetch. If you throw a ball and they catch it, that ball is now theirs. They will not bring the ball back.

They can be extremely hard to train [and will more than likely train you instead].

Your bed will eventually become their bed. Get used to it.

They are extremely stubborn.

They shed hair like nobody’s business.

They have this incredible ability to store endless amounts of wee. They seem to store it up in the event that someone will return home from work, school, or simply taking out the garbage. As soon as you walk through that front door they will inevitably pee all over the place, and often all over you.

They are incredibly loyal to all family members and are welcoming of guests and other animals.

They are highly intelligent [don't let their playful attitude fool you].

They are beautiful to look at and have the most unique facial expression.

They are cuddly and affectionate [they will lick your face off].

They can be very funny and love to clown around.

They will love you until the day they die. :)


  1. i agree with all of the above! they are the most AMAZING and loyal dogs ever! i do not know what i would do without bailey :) i wish she and phoebe could be friends! bailey must sleep right next to me when i am home. she can sit, shake, and kiss, but that's about it. and she will play fetch until she is bored, or until you throw the toy farther than she wants to fetch. they are smart little guys :)

    1. Naww! We tried to teach Phoebe to shake but the most she can do is 'sit' on command. :P It would be lovely if we lived close enough for Phoebe and Bailey to play. My cousins own a sausage dog called Hawkie and whenever he and Phoebe have been together they get along like a house on fire! :)

      - Felicity. x

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  3. Yep. I completely agree with all of the above. The only tricks sweetpea learned is paw, sit, and kisses - but I am ok with that. Thankfully she came potty trained. She also will not return any toy tossed her way. Haha. She is a snuggle machine, and I love it. Doxies are my favorite :]

    1. As I was just saying to Megan above, at least Sweetpea knows how to do paw/shake hands.. we're lucky if Phoebe will sit on command! She definitely likes her kisses though - taking them, not giving them that is! :P

      Doxies are definitely the best breed of dog I've ever come across as well.. even if they can be one of the most annoying at times! haha. :D

      - Felicity. x

  4. What a lovely post! I really wish I had the time to have a dog, they're amazing! :)

  5. aww i love this post :)
    It made me giggle,
    I've always thought these little guys were so cute, although i'm after a pug first.



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