KONY 2012.

Watch. Become inspired. Do something!


  1. Sorry if a write an off topic post... I just wanted to know if you checked out your email, I wrote you few days ago! Hope everything is well! xo

  2. I grew up doing theatre with Jason Russell's entire family, and I love that #StopKony #Kony2012 has literally gone viral overnight! Keep spreadin' the good word, Felicity!

  3. I thought it would be most appropriate to comment here considering! I'd just like to personally thank you for stopping over at my blog this morning and taking the time to read/respond to what I had to say with such integrity. It warms my heart knowing that for every person who was too quick to shoot this campaign down there is another who feels the same about their naivety as I do. Keep up the positive work lovely lady. Enjoy the rest of your week! x

    1. Heh, no worries hun! Keep up the good work yourself! ;)

      - Felicity. x

  4. I am SO glad this is getting around. I love seeing how everyone can come together when they have something to connect over. It gives me the hope for humanity that I so often forget about.
    I have a been an advocate for Invisible Children (the organization that is doing KONY2012) for about 5 years now...its amazing the things that they have accomplished over the years. In spirit of this viral video that is going around, I did a post talking about the other things that Invisible Children does, other ways to help, and a few other interesting things.
    It seems like you are interested in the topic so you should check it out :)


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