My life lately.

I'm contemplating making 'my life lately' posts a regular occurrence on this little blog of mine. I'd like my future children to look back on this one day and see all the stuff their Mummy and Daddy got up to (regardless of how mundane that stuff might be). :P

So, without further ado, here are a few snap shots of the highlights and lowlights of my week. :)

I received my hand crafted Mano y Metal custom 'F + B' necklace! :D

I helped design another custom blog layout for Lauren from Tastes Like Love!

Our stupid shower flooded and we had to wait forever for a plumber! :(

I caught our little fishy 'Chuck Bass' staring at the custom illustration of 
those big people who feed him. :) Check out Lauren's blog to snatch up
custom illustration of your own!


  1. Lauren's page looks great btw!

  2. Aw, your necklace is super sweet! At the moment my landlords are ripping out all the pipes for the flats I live in and just right out of the front of my door is where our pipes are and now we have a huge sandy mess we have to walk through. My house has so much sand in it I don't even need to go to the beach!

    The illustration looks awesome in a frame! And I like the idea of a 'my life lately' feature. I also like you included not-so-awesome things, because they happen too. Like Luke & I are starting to get the flu just before we go away.

    1. Oh man, that must suck! It took 2 and a half days for the plumber to arrive, so I basically couldn't clean myself/wash my hair properly for that entire time. :(

      I hope you and Luke are feeling better for your trip! Ben caught the flu at the beginning of last week and passed it on to me a couple days later as well. Having the flu in this hot weather sucks balls!

      And yes.. I absolutely LOVE the framed illustration! It's definitely a big talking point amongst our guests that we have over. :D

  3. you did a great job designing the website! :)

  4. Haha chuck bass made me giggle :)

  5. Cute post. That necklace is so pretty :] And the site looks great.

  6. I love that your fish is named Chuck Bass!! That's awesome.


    Miranda Leigh


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