My life lately.

I purchased this delightful little headband. :)

Packed up some of my old clothes and shipped them to my cousin.

Took the most amazing photo of Phoebe!

Gave Joey a piece of apple which he didn't eat, yet he insisted on
guarding it to keep it away from Phoebe. :D

Worked on a group assignment with my besties. :)

Picked up my trial set of monthly contact lenses. So far so good, although
they tend to make me tear up when sitting in front of the computer screen.


  1. Aw your dogs are cutee(: I am kind of afraid to wear contact lenses because so many people get infections:/ so I stick to my glasses(: ha

  2. Have you had contacts before? I just finished a trial too.. just feels like there's something in my eye all the time (which there is I guess) :(

  3. Love the picture of Pheobe, your pups are so cute! :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @FCassandraBlog

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower, and just happened to stumble across your blog! It's so cute! Your dogs are adorable :) Also, noticed in your about me that you live on the Gold Coast, and are studying Bachelor of Education (primary) and i'm also living on the Gold Coast studying Education (primary)!
    Anyway just wanted to say hi!


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