I am on such a high right now!

Hey everyone!

I am pretty darn excited this morning and just have to share why. You see my birthday's coming up at the end of next month (I'll be 23, yikes!) so for the last few weeks I've been dropping hints to my partner as to what I might like as a birthday gift, even though I haven't been 100% sold on the items I've been hinting at. 

Then I woke up this morning and saw the latest Pretty Pennies Popup Sale by Fawn & Flora advertised on facebook and was like YAYAYAYAY! The sale was for free shipping on all orders over $40! So I kindly asked my partner if I could do some online birthday shopping on his behalf if I promised to stick to around the $40 mark and he told me to go for it! :D 

I've pretty much spent the last hour trying to get the most for his money (which wasn't hard at all once you take shipping out of the equation) and these were the purchases I ended up making:

Needless to say I am utterly delighted with my purchase choices and cannot wait to get my hands on them! As B is usually the one who checks the mail I made him promise to pick the packages up from the post office without me knowing and hide them from me until my actual birthday.. kinda wishing I didn't do that now! :P My favourite item would have to be the drawing mannequin as it reminds me of the mannequins that used to be on the tv show 'PlaySchool' when I was a little girl. :)

If you guys ever get the opportunity to do something like this for your birthday then I highly recommend it. I am seriously on such a high right now, and why wouldn't I be? I just went on an online shopping spree! :D


  1. Yayyy I love online shopping sprees! I always get that rush afterwards... hehehe. Enjoy!

  2. Awesome, sound great! It's my birthday this month too, woop!

  3. Ooh lucky! I wish I could be treated to a shopping spree haha, I love the feeling after you buy some things you have really wanted!

    Frances x

  4. I love that shop too! Happy birthday to YOU! WAHOO! Shopping spree and free shipping!


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