My life lately.

Easter themed treats.

Way too much chocolate.

Baking whoopie pies.

Need I say more?

Found out that I have scleral thinning due to wearing contact lenses.


  1. Those easter treats and macaroons/whoopie pies look amazing! I definitely need to find a recipe for them :)

    Frances xx

  2. That is a lot of sweets, and I can never resist sweets! Good thing that's not in my house, or it would be GONE!

    I had to look up scleral thinning. I wear contact lenses, and your note freaked me out!

    1. I couldn't find anything online that said scleral thinning was related to contact lense wear, but the blue rings only appeared around my eyes the day I started wearing these new contact lenses. :\

      Hope you had a fantastic easter! xx


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