Thankful Tuesdays.



  1. I am thankful for so much! Currently on my mind is how smooth my moving weekend was! I feel so lucky that it went without a hitch, and we were completely settled in within a day!

    Happy week to you, Felicity!

    1. Glad moving went well for you guys! I know how stressful it can be. :)

      Happy week to you as well Lindsay! xx

  2. Hi! I am so thankful for a few things!
    I am thankful that I found an awesome cheap desk that I was in desperate need for, that I bought a vintage singer sewing machine for a really cheap price, that I am on the mend from a health issue and it turned out to just be an infection, and I am just thankful to be alive!
    (Also i'm glad you mentioned prac, it reminds me I need to choose some schools for mine ASAP!)

    I thought I would reply to your comment here to make it easier, blogger is just so frustrating how it doesn't tell you when someone's replied! :)

    It definitely is rare to find another Gold Coast blogger, especally a pre-service teacher! Yep i'm still in my first year, i'm studying through UTAS which makes it a bit hard but that's okay. So you would be studying by distance too, wouldn't you? Sometimes I find it a bit of a struggle, and i'm only in 1st year! I can't imagine 4th year!
    Phoebe is gorgeous! Mim (my toy poodle) is my daughter, she is just that important to me! I'm sorry you lost your poodle :(
    That's awesome you moved down with your partner and he got into medicine!!
    I moved up here 2 years ago from Tassie with the family, so that was nice! I can't afford rent so i'm still at home haha.

    I'm so glad I found your blog! It is definitely awesome to find a Gold Coast blogger!


    1. Heh, I replied on your page as well. :)

    2. I'll reply here again :)

      I rarely do good with my op shopping but recently i've found some awesome stuff! Shoes, desk, sewing machine, clothes, pyrex, everything! I've only just started finding the op shops here, they are all hidden and I still get lost around here!
      My prac is so frustrating, i'm meant to do it in July but because of school holidays here they want me to do it in June, right in my exam period :/ so i'm really nervous about that!

      It drives me insane still being here but oh well! I just feel like i'm too old to still be at home! At least my family are great to live with so that makes it all better!

      I'll be honest, I don't really like the coast much either. I'm also not a beach person and I haven't made friends here yet either. I feel like people here are really set in their clique's and not looking for new friends. Although I did start recently going to Metro church, which is full of young people and i'm slowly meeting people (doesn't help that i'm shy!)

      I literally burst out laughing when you said where you live! ME TOO! That is so cool! I'm about 5 mins away from Aus fair, just near the Smith St motorway if you know where that is? We are really close!!

  3. Really?? I live on that side of Smith St too!! But kinda up slightly.. Yeah I won't go into detail, we might get stalked haha but whoa we are really close!

    I hadn't been to church in years and checked out Metro, it's full of people our age and i've only been going a couple of months and starting to meet people, and yeah I became a Christian again through it which is awesome! You should check them out sometime :) I started my blog for the same reason, but you do only seem to meet overseas people! :P

    Yeah, it's frustrating, mostly because I have to travel to Brisbane! But oh well. Yours is so soon! I'm freaking out big time about it, so scary! I'm sure you'll do great!

    I'm glad to have met you too! It is crazy, definitely feels like more than a coincidence! Do you have facebook or something?

    Oh, and I don't have a job. Having trouble finding one but I just got an email (literally 5 minutes ago) for a job interview so that will be good! Have you got a job?

  4. Thanks! :) Ugh, it's so impossible to find work here! Your blog designs are great, you'll definitely get money from that, it will pick up because everybody wants a nice blog design!

    Ill add you now :) Haha it's just so awkward asking for someone's facebook but I figure it might be easier than these comments! I won't mention your blog don't worry :P


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