Personality Series: Strengths and Weaknesses.

Last week I mentioned that I was going to start up a little personality series based on my ISTJ Jung personality test results. As you can see below, this weeks topic is 'Strengths and Weaknesses'. I collated this information from a tonne of different websites and forgot to reference them so I've just reworded a few things.. anyway, enjoy!
My strengths:
I honor my commitments,
Take my role in a relationship very seriously,
Am an excellent communicator,
Can be extremely good with money,
Handle constructive criticism well,
Am not afraid to dole out punishment or criticism when necessary.

My weaknesses:
I tend to believe that I am always right,
Have a habit of getting involved in "win-lose" conversations,
Am not always in-tune with what others are feeling,
My need for structure may seem rigid to others,
Have an excessive love of food and drink,
Lack an interest in other people or in relating to them,
Show occasional inappropriate emotional displays,
Have a tendency to be selfish,
Tend to dismiss other's opinions and perspectives before really understanding them,
Have an "it's my way or the highway" sort of attitude.

So what are your strengths and weaknesses?


  1. I honestly commend you for being able to put your "weaknesses" out there like this. But it bad that I share some of them with you? For instance, I am ridiculously stubborn, as my husband would tell you, and I have often been told I have a "My way or the highway" attitude. I don't like to hear that about myself, but I know it comes from truth every now and then, when I show that side of myself. It's good to be able to take criticism, especially from ones self. I get mad at myself for my bad habits all the time. I guess, at least I recognize them. That has to count for something good. I mean, it'd be so much worse if I didn't recognize any of my own faults and thought everyone else was just passing judgement. I've never had problems taking responsibility for where I come up short as a human being, but in my heart, I still know that I have good intentions and care about people...until they really screw with me! lol And I know you do, too, because you share the good parts of you with us on here so often. :)
    Anywho, I rambled. I hate when I do that! ;P

  2. Your strengths are great. I find it hard to come by when people honor commitments/communicate well.

  3. Wouw, really great post ! One of my strenghts is that I'm not afraid to tell the truth or to hear it, I can handle quit a lot !

    Will you please check out my blog sometime? You can follow me if you like !

  4. Oh good post! You should also say good at being creative with blog designs! Your picture of you looks like your a ballerina! My weakness...way to emotional/sensitive...have a need to want people to like me!

  5. This is so interesting, I'd need to take one of these tests! My weakness is that I can be self righteous at times lol.


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