I am looking forward to..

I am looking forward to no more Uni, no more pointless assignments and stress attacks. ♥ I am looking forward to being financially independent, free to travel and explore the world. ♥ I am looking forward to doing what I love whenever the hell I feel like it. ♥ I am looking forward to moving out of this shit hole, getting a place of our own and a dog that I can walk each and every day. ♥ I am looking forward to feeling motivated enough to work out, go to the beach, meet new friends and make more of an effort with my old friends. ♥ I am looking forward to having nothing to worry about besides my appearance, and actually having the time and money to put effort into doing my make up and to buy new clothes. ♥ I am looking forward to being so carefree and content with my life that when that special moment comes where B finally decides to propose to me I'll have no idea what hit me. ♥ I am looking forward to slowly planning our wedding, making it as close and intimate and enjoyable a day for us as possible. ♥ I am looking forward to any future little boys and girls that we will be fortunate enough to be blessed with, and I am especially looking forward to knowing how it feels to be able to love someone more than you love yourself.

But for now, and for at least the next twelve months, there's nothing I can do to make any of these things happen any sooner.. and that really eats me up inside.

On a more positive note though, at least I still have all of these amazing things to look forward to! :)


  1. These all sound amazingly wonderful. It's such a shame they can't happen sooner! Definitely feeling you with the whole "shit hole", I am so over the GC right now, can't wait to move away.
    Hopefully 12 months will fly by and things will be better! xo

  2. Blender giveaway :)


  3. It'll be worth the wait for sure.


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