My life lately.

Baked this awesome cake for my brothers belated 21st birthday party!

Spent some quality time with Phoebs.

Isn't she perfect?!

Ate cake and behaved like I was drunk all night.
(For the record, I was completely sober. :P)

Played celebrity heads, pictionary and charades.. and at some
stage had my photo taken posing like this. :\

Had a lazy Sunday morning with these sooky la la's.

Caught up with Dad and my step family for lunch/shopping. His partner Judy
bought myself and her daughter Abby these adorable matching hoodies. :D

They also gave me a huge stash of chocolate (only half of the stash
is pictured) as part of my belated birthday present. :P

I used some of my new washi tape to decorate
my laptop keyboard. :)

And last but not least, I had my first ever meet up with a bloggy friend
in real life! Her name is Bianca and she literally lives around the corner from
my apartment. How cool is that?! She was just as nice in person as she
has been online, and it wasn't awkward at all (at least not for me anyway!).
We didn't get any photos together because we were too busy window
shopping for the awesome pastel outfit above. I managed to score the light
coral jeans for just $30 and the mint green knit sweater for $25 from Temt.


  1. I heart your blog. P.S. thought you would be interested in the Soybu giveaway I'm hosting :) xo

  2. Love your little doggie! So cute :) xx
    Beauty by Emma

  3. How on earth did you make that cake?!! Hehe its so cool!! and i love your little Phoebe such a cute little doggie woggie! hehe

    Jen xxx

    1. I made it using a number/letter cake tin. :) Hehe.
      And thanks! I love Phoebe too. :P


  4. I seriously want to hug Phoebe and Joey! They are so cute! Love the sweatshirts and the tape on the keyboard, what a great idea!!
    It definitely wasn't awkward yesterday, it was fun! We'll have to do it again soon :) And I really like the clothes you picked up, they look great together!
    Now your blog design's finished it looks great! I love that digital drawing, so clever! Did you see Kate's (wake up lovely)? Its reeeally nice!

  5. Aww cute cake! Your dogs are the most adorable things ever, too :) I am also incredibly jealous of your stash of Freddos, I didn't even know you could get those in Australia haha! Love your pastel outfit too :)

    Frances xx

    1. Haha! Dumb me figured that Freddo's were Australian.. I wonder where they actually come from then!? And thanks, haha! :)



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