Personality Series: What I am like as a partner.

According to my Jung personality test results, As a partner I am.. 

Committed, steady, and consistent.
I cannot argue with this. Once I'd committed to B I was in it for the long haul.

 Responsible, practical, and dutiful.
Yep. This certainly sounds like me.

Big on upholding and documenting traditions as direct evidence of commitment.
Of course. How else will I be able to show my children and grandchildren the love that B and I shared before they were born. :P

A pillar of strength.
I guess this is true.

 Loyal, faithful and dependable.
Always. :)

Physically expressive of my love and affection.
Well yes, but I am also VERY big on verbal declarations of love.

Known to follow along with what my partner wants.
Definitely. Otherwise we would be engaged by now. :P


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