Thankful Tuesdays.

Thankful Tuesdays

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  1. An awesome new blog design courtesy of the lovely Felicity. x

  2. I made a new friend over the weekend too! I love the little things like that in life that we take for granted sometimes x

  3. I love the design and making new friends is great ;) I love your new design and I am so glad the designing is taking off for you!!!

    I am IN LOVE with mineral makeup now! I used the Revlon one years ago but found out it had talc in it, and it’s discontinued now. What brand do you use?? And maybe it is the Dove cleanser causing the bumps! Maybe that’s why my skin has been a bit better lately because I haven’t been using it… now I feel bad for recommending it! It probably is that!

    It must be something here that stuffs your hair! Yep I use the organic care shampoo! And when I can afford it (which is never haha) Moroccan oil is amazing too!

    The pets is a cute idea!! I’m so confused right now because I realised that to make more money I could do things for pets + pet lovers, so now I’m thinking maybe more plain! We can talk about it tomorrow anyway (if were still on?) and yeah!
    I was thinking too, how about I just meet you at your gates? That way you won’t get saturated, because even with the rain I’m still walking! I like walking in the rain :P



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