My life lately.

Tried out this roasted pumpkin and sweet potato soup recipe.
It was super duper yummy, and very filling! :)

Decided to open up a shop my closet page to pass on barely worn
vintage and costume jewellery, accessories etc to my readers.

Received my first ever perfect score on a Uni assignment! :D

Saw my baby for the first time in over two weeks!

Caught up with my Mum after her two week holiday in Adelaide. :)

Took the furbabies for a walk to McDonald's where they caught everyone's attention. 


  1. Hey! Congratulations on the perfect score!!!!! Phoebe and Joey are looking adorable in their harnesses :) Mim has a couple like that too, they are so cute!
    Btw, i'm emailing you again because I found better flowers than the ones I sent you!

  2. That soup looks so delicious!


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