My life lately.

I got a new style cut and colour from the bestie. :)

She also gave me way too many hair products for my belated birthday present. :P

I went through my 11 year collection of movie ticket stubs and found this one
from the very first day that B and I met in person. <3

I started back at Uni for my second last semester. This semester I'm taking three
on-campus courses which are 'Multiliteracies', 'Science' and 'Autism'. The above
photo was taking during a Science class investigation on Velocity, lol.

I used the $100 Uni bookshop voucher that my lovely friend Anita gave me
to purchase $50 worth of the above stationery and a textbook on Autism.
My goodness stationery is expensive!

My Mum gave me these random gifts for the apartment.
Got to love how thoughtful she is! :P


  1. I love your new cut and colour!

    Never heard of dehumidifier bags! Very interesting. :)


    1. Thanks hun! :)
      And ehh, yeah.. they're pretty much useless in our apartment. :(



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