Personality Series: What I am like as a friend.

According to my Jung personality test results, as a friend I am..

Likely to choose to be around people with similar interests/perspectives to my own.
I totally agree. Whenever I'm at a social gathering, regardless of who is attending, I always tend to end up socialising with educators, artistic types or people with unusual health problems. If there is nobody like this attending the gathering I tend to feel lost and left out.

Impatient with people who I have nothing in common with.
This is also very true. I tend to ask people a bunch of questions when I am first introduced to them, and if we have nothing in common I quickly grow tired of listening to them.

Known to loosen up, have fun and not be so serious minded.
Also quite true. Being the serious minded, homebody that I am, it often takes a visit from the besties to get me out of my shell and having fun.

Drawn to other sensing/judgemental personality types.
I guess so. I really don't like people who are overtly judgemental, but I don't mind having a private gossip sesh about people's mistakes (including my own) and how we can learn from them.

Get along well with intuitive personality types, but often have difficulty agreeing with intuitive perspectives.
This pretty much sums up the friendship side of mine and B's relationship.

Get along best with extravert's who are optimistic and fun-minded.
Definitely. Most of my best friends are extravert's, and the one's that aren't are borderline extravert's just like I am.

Sometimes insensitive to my friends feelings, but willing to address this issue.
Yes. I often speak without thinking, then realise and apologise. It's a terrible habit of mine. Luckily my friends are awesome and don't take anything too personally.

Will put a great deal of effort into maintaining a valued friendship.
Hmmm.. I wouldn't say I put in a huge amount of effort, but if I thought that one of my good friendships was in trouble I would definitely do whatever it would take to keep that friendship alive.


  1. I just love this series you've been doing. I have talked a little about my personality type on my blog, but never to this much detail. It really is a great idea!


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