30 questions for my 30-year-old self.

So this morning I was watching this funny little video and as a result decided to create a list of questions for my future, 30 year old, seven years from now self.. I contemplated doing this in video form but couldn't be bothered getting out of my pajamas and making myself look presentable enough to do so (fingers crossed that I'm not this lazy in 7 years time). Anyway, here's the questions..

1. Did I end up finishing Uni? How did it all pan out? Did I get the GPA I wanted?

2. Did I manage to find a teaching job? If so, am I still teaching? What grade(s) did I end up teaching?

3. Are B and I still together? engaged? married? parents? :D

4. If we are married, tell me about the wedding! 

5. If we are parents, tell me about our kid(s)! 

6. How is Mum? Is she 10 years cancer free now? I really hope that she is happy and doing well. :) Did she end up meeting Mr Right?

7. How is Dad? Still alive I hope. Is he still with Judy? How are the girls?

8. How is Mitchell? Is my little brother all grown up now? Has he moved out? Found a nice girl? Provided me with some lovely nieces and nephews?

9. How are the furbabies? Is Phoebe still just as crazy as ever? Is Joey still just as quiet?

10. How is B's Dad, brothers and extended family? All doing great I hope. :)

11. What about Nana, Pa, and Grandad Nielsen? I really do need to visit them more often. :(

12. What about the rest of the extended family?

13. Did I end up getting that long haired English cream miniature dachshund that I've been wanting for the last 10 years? Did I end up calling him Riley, or did he turn out to be a she?

14. How was my first overseas holiday? If I haven't been on one yet then I am extremely disappointed in myself!

15. Did we manage to score, or are we in the process of building, my dream house that I've been dreaming of since forever?

16. Do we still live around the Gold Coast area?

17. How long did Celeste (my little '93 Holden Barina) manage to hold up for? What car did I end up getting next?

18. Did I end up travelling around Australia? What states have I been to now?

19. Did I do any of that sky diving, bungee jumping crap that I put on my '30 before Thirty' to-do list?

20. How did my little design business end up doing?

21. Was I ever fortunate enough to get laser eye surgery done? If not, is it still a possibility, or are my eyes too messed up?

22. How is my health in general? Did my narcolepsy ever end up magically disappearing? Did my TMJ problem get fixed/go away? What about the constant headaches and muscle aches?

23. Was I ever brave enough to get a tattoo? If I haven't had kids yet this question is probably irrelevant.

24. Did I ever end up reaching my goal weight mass (haha! the things I learned in Science class) of 51kg? If not, am I at least somewhat as toned as I was back when the picture below was taken?

25. Did I end up growing my hair out past my boobs like I promised myself I would?

26. Have I volunteered somewhere, donated blood, or done anything remotely selfless at all in the past seven years?

27. Did I learn to knit, sew, crochet or anything else along those lines?

28. Which friends do I still keep in contact with? How are they going?

29. What about the friends I lost contact with? Did we have a falling out, or did life just lead us down different paths?

30. Did I ever end up sharing this blog with my real life friends and family?


  1. Felicity, I love this idea. I think I'm going to make up my own list of questions and put them in my journal....since I turn 30 in two years! eep!!
    I loved all your honest-to-god/relatable questions. We share a few similar ones. One being, I was supposed to get back into running so I could be as toned as I was only 7 months ago. (You look fabulous in that picture by the way! And it's not just because you're "toned"; you just look great in that dress and heels aaand you look incredibly happy.)
    I wonder about kids, which friends will still be around, etc.
    I hope you get your english cream dachshund! That is the cutest pup ever!!!
    Have a great week, Felicity. :)

    1. That would be great if you do, I'd really enjoy reading it!
      and thanks! I felt so incredibly happy back when that photo was taken. I had so much self confidence, which was very out of the usual for me. :P


  2. I'm 30 in like 6 months! I'd need to ask questions for my 40 year old self!

    1. Wow! You're super hot for someone who's nearly 30 then! What's your secret? ;)


  3. I love how you can actually do these! I would have absolutely no idea!

    And OMG I want a long haired cream miniature dachshund now!!!! EEEEK too cute!


    1. Haha! It only took me 4 hours to put together.. no biggie, lol!
      and I know right?! Cutest dog EVER! :D


  4. Oh, you baby child, you. I am turning 30 in less than a week, and I'm a full time med. student, with a shit ton of debt, and will be spending my b-day studying for Boards...NOT what I envisioned! Seriously, though, your blog is awesome and I found you through Medical Mondays (yes, I know it's TUESDAY..I'm slow like that). Enjoy your 20s...they really are a great time of personal and professional growth. Everyone feels like they're not doing the right things or aren't sure of themselves and then you get to 30 and feel like, "Booyah! I crushed my 20s!" Well, I hope you'll feel that way...7 years to finish your goals! Totally doable.

    1. I know.. I really need to start acting my age and stop worrying about the future so much huh? :P

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for the super sweet comment about my blog. I really appreciate it! :)



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