My life lately.

Purchased these awesome lilac denim jeans from Jay Jay's. :D

Found some cute matching lilac volleys and lasting finish rimmel london nail polish.
Also bought some cute underwear for the first time in ages! :)

Had my weekly catch up with the furbabies.

Phoebe was being especially clingy, lol.

My free glasses from Firmoo arrived in the mail for me to review.

Went and saw Magic Mike with the twins and their friend Martin after they 
arrived home from China! :)

Created this lilac/glitter combo for my nails.

Started watching One Tree Hill again. :P

Purchased these black and white wooden letters for the apartment.
3 for $10 from Typo. :)


  1. Love your purple pants! and those nails too!!

  2. You've been having a colorful and pretty life lately. :) I am personally enjoying all the lilac in your life!


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