Fathers Day.

Just thought I'd share a quick shot from our Fathers Day visit with B's Dad this afternoon. :) From left to right we have B's Dad, me, B, their family dog Holly, and B's older brother Tim.  B's younger brother Matt couldn't make the trip as he had to work, so Tim thought it would be funny to photoshop Matt into the family photo and tag him in it on facebook. :P

As you can see below, his mission was accomplished...

Unfortunately we were too busy stuffing our faces to get any nice photos with my own Dad (who now conveniently lives only a 30 second walk away from B's Dads place) however we did manage to put aside some time to watch one of my Dad's favourite romantic comedies, 'How to lose a guy in 10 days'.  God I missed that movie! haha. :D

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a super special Fathers Day!

I'll post some more photos that Tim took of us today later on this week. :)


  1. haha little pup is a doll..


  2. Sweet photos, Felicity! And may I add that you my dear look AMAZING!
    Funny that you photoshop'd his brother in! haha And how bout that - your daddy and Ben's daddy live near each other! How wonderful!!


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