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  1. Ahhh! I LOVED YOUR VLOG! And your accent. Why are accents one of my favorite things ever? Probably cause I don't have one. :(
    And Oooh my shout out was the sweetest thing ever! Funny thing is that this is the second vlog shout out I've gotten in the last week from a blog buddy. It makes my heart just melt! And now that I sound like a blog-stalker (haha - kidding) I want to just say that I follow about a dozen blogs that I really, really like. But I only have developed true friendships with about a handful and a half of those ladies because they communicate with me away from the blog. And I really like that. It's a mutual feeling that feels stronger than just a comment, and especially stronger than those people that comment with a general line about my pictures and not so much the story that goes with them. So I know that my favorite blog buddies are the ones that really care, so to speak, and read everything. I always read everything myself and want people to know that, I guess that's why I leave the novel-comments, as I call them. If I enjoy what someone has written, I want them to know that. Plain and simple. I'm glad you and I have gotten closer over the last couple months! :) Thank you for the sweet words in your vlog. *hugs*

    1. Aww, I'm sure you do! I don't think that I have an accent either, but I know that to someone overseas I probably do. :P

      You're totally welcome for the shout out as well! I have less than a handful of close bloggy friendships myself, but less than a handful is reward enough for me. :)



    2. Thanks for the sweet comment, Felicity! I just got it now before bedtime :)
      Also, I just noticed something in my comment I wanted to clarify: I follow about 40 blogs total and I honestly follow them because there is something I liked about each - I never want to follow just to get a follower, never. So, I follow these blogs and read along and comment just the same as I do with all the rest, even my favorites. It's just different with my favorite blogs, because those are the girls that, like I said, stood out and reached out. Whether I have 5 or 10 of those kinda blog-bestie type girls just makes me feel so lucky as well. :) (Gosh, why do I talk so much?!) haha Have a great night - errr, day?!

  2. How did I miss this?? THIS IS SO CUTE! And thanks for the mention!! I might have to do this meme sometime so my blog has a bit of an update, i've been so slack! x


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