Live for the here and now. Free Printable!

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Unfortunately my here and now consists of ridiculously hard assignments, always feeling unwell, an unwanted and bound to be expensive upcoming move looming over our heads, and having barely enough funds to get by in this world.  Luckily I have an amazing partner, the best friends and family that a girl could ask for, and my two favourite creative outlets, blogging and designing, to help keep the here and now bearable..

So what do you think? Not bad for my first attempt at creating a printable, huh? :)


  1. It's so cute with a great message!

  2. I love this! Do more, do more!! xx

  3. absolutely love this. thanks for sharing.


  4. I love this little message! I'm always anticipating whats going to happen instead of being where I actually am.

  5. Ah, I needed to see this! It was perfect for the way my life has been going lately. Mikey has had trouble finding a job since graduating. Our checks for school (we get paid to attend school since we served in the military) are months behind schedule, which basically means we have not gotten paid since the beginning of August. We are pretty much bare bones in our bank account. We just keep praying for our checks to come in and for him to get lucky with a job. All that on top of concentrating on doing well in school. *sigh* But I know we'll be okay. I just feel it inside. :)
    I hope the sun shines a little brighter over you, too, friend. ♥ Good luck with y'alls move!

    1. Aww man, that sucks big time! I hope your checks come in really soon so you can start living without worry again! xx


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