My life lately.

After much consideration I came to the decision that it was time for me to get some 'office hours' in place. ;) From now on I will only be blogging before 9am (which means scheduling posts), completing design work/uni assignments during office hours (with a half hour break for lunch), and doing chores/relaxing/spending time with B in the evening. :)

I signed up for a 7 day free pass at my local gym and attended a few of their zumba classes.

Asked B to remind me to marinate the pork, so he left me this funny little note.

Got all dressed up for the first time in ages and convinced B to take me to the Gold Coast Show..      Worst. Idea. Ever! It was so boring and expensive that we ended up leaving after just one hour!

While we were there though I did happen to spot this cute sausage dog balloon..

I also spotted this awesome sand dragon! How cool is it?

Our landlord finally paid someone to come out and professionally clean/remove the mould from
our apartment. While this was going on I decided to throw out anything I could find that had
mould growing on it, effectively leaving me with only 6 pairs of shoes. :(

We also had some builders come out to fix our sunken back patio.. finally! :D


  1. Yay that the landlord finally did something!!
    How was zumba? Is it hard to do and is it fairly close to us? I've wanted to try it for a while but i'm not sure if I could or where it is haha!

    1. Heh, I know right! I thought for sure that he would have just waited until our lease was up and then kicked us out. I guess not all landlords are horrible. :)

      As for Zumba, it was fun, but it was REALLY fast paced. I don't think I will be going back again any time soon. I went to Empire Fitness just near Harbourtown.. so close to you, but not so close to me lol.

      Anyway, I hope your study is going well!


  2. Kudos to your scheduled blogs to come - I just can't do that. I'm all over the place and pretty much blog when I have time, which is late at night ooorrrr mid afternoon. And every once in a blue moon I have time in the morning, but not really. See, I just can't possibly. Blah.
    Yay for the gym and zumba! I've always wanted to try zumba. I just have a feeling I'd feel like everyone was watching me dance and I'd get too shy and leave. lol
    Mold sucks! Sorry about your shoes :(
    I'm glad your patio was fixed though! :)

    1. I really sucked at Zumba.. I won't be going back for a while. It was just too fast paced and, like you said, I felt like everyone was watching me lol.

      As for the mould, I'm glad it's finally been removed and that our back patio was fixed, however yesterday Ben and I got some bad (but potentially good) news that we will be needing to move out in January anyway. :( Apparently Ben's hospital placement for med school next year is about 45 minutes drive away.. and since the hospital he will be going to is close to Ben's already part time job, it just makes sense for us to move. I'll probably do a more detailed blog post on this later on next week though.



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