So.. I slept on the couch last night.

And no, it wasn't because B and I had a fight.  It was because shortly after B left for work last night (he works night shift) I woke up to the sound and terrifying sight of a HUGE. FLYING. COCKROACH!  :(

When I first woke up, shortly after midnight, I initially thought that the bedroom window must have been open and that the annoying sound I could hear was just the blinds pushing together.  I tried to ignore the sound, but because of my narcolepsy medication I am a really light sleeper and so I eventually got up to go close the window.. however before I could even reach the window a large, dark, mouse-like creature crawled out from underneath B's Uni work and scuttled underneath the bed. :|  In less than a second I had jumped back up on top of the bed and then stood there frozen for a good couple of minutes.  I knew the mystery beast was lurking underneath my feet and that I needed to get as far away from it as possible, so in true scaredy cat style I leapt off the bed headed towards the lounge room and slammed that bedroom door behind me.  Once I was out of the hell hole I realised that my phone, ibuprofen (for my current period pain) and the only doona in our apartment were all locked in this room.. and B wasn't due home from work for another 9 hours! 

Still unsure as to whether this mystery beast was a mouse or an oversized cockroach, I grabbed our only can of insect spray and ever so slowly pushed the bedroom door open.  After what seemed like an eternity of me staring underneath the bed, out of the corner of my eye I noticed something crawling, then FLYING up the opposite bedroom wall.  This, my friends, was not your average household cockroach.. this horrible FLYING beast was the size of a small mouse.  A dark, gross, scuttling, flying, terrifying cockroach mouse!  I tried to spray it, I really did, but the thought of it flying after me had me wanting to dry reach.  So instead I did what any normal person with a cockroach phobia would do..  I barricaded the bedroom door shut with a spare towel from the bathroom, then used another spare towel as a blanket and curled up on the couch.

Unfortunately, my relentless period pain made it impossible for me to get back to sleep, so I fired up the laptop (sitting with my feet up on the chair of course) and started crying to B over facebook whilst googling 'fear of cockroaches'.  Whilst B's "don't be a moron.. go in there with a shoe and kill it" response was less than helpful, this awesome article I found on 'Katsaridaphobia' (the fear of cockroaches) was exactly what I needed to make me feel less alone.  In a nutshell, the article basically informed me that there are many people out there who have an irrational fear of cockroaches, and that the primary cause of this phobia is most often traced back to a traumatic experience that these people had involving cockroaches early on in life.  The article also mentions that this initial phobia becomes much more instilled when that persons fear is reinforced as a child by an adult/parental figure who expresses their own undue fear over cockroaches.

This article rings so true to me as I have sworn black and blue for the last twenty years that the first traumatic experience I ever had involving cockroaches was when I snuck out of my bed as a kid and watched the end of a scary movie on TV where a "scientist man" was being eaten alive by cockroaches.  My parents have always told me that I must have been dreaming that night (probably because they don't want to admit that I was sneaky enough to get past their bedroom door without them waking up), and before last nights intense google search I was beginning to question myself as well, but then I found it.. the movie that has had me terrified of cockroaches since the age of 3.. 'Creepshow - They're creeping up on you'.. written by Stephen King!


I can't believe I finally found out the name of this movie!  It turns out that the guy wasn't actually a scientist, just an eccentric billionaire with a fear of germs, and cockroaches.  But still, watching this movie, along with having witnessed my own Mother's irrational fear of cockroaches from a young age, is the reason why I locked myself out of my own bedroom last night.. and the reason why I am still too scared to go back into the bedroom now. :(  B finally came home this morning at around 9am, and without giving me any crap for being afraid of an insect, took off his shoe and ventured into the hell hole to try and track down this beast.. only he couldn't.  The flying cockroach beast is still at large in our tiny apartment, and now that the bedroom door is open this beast could be anywhere!

Pray for me!

EDIT (following day):  After B finally convinced me to sleep in the bedroom with him last night, I heard a fluttering sound and sure enough the flying cockroach mouse had emerged from the wardrobe to try and kill me.  I just knew it would still be in the room!  So I shook B awake, pointed to the beast that had just landed on our bedroom mirror, and ran from the room (without screaming) as fast as I could.  I then hid in the bathroom for ten minutes until B had finally killed it.  B agreed that it was pretty big but that it wasn't as big as I was making it out to be.. pfft!  I'm pretty sure the fact that it took him ten minutes to kill it just goes to show what a deadly beast it was.


  1. D: D: D:
    You're in my thoughts D: I want to cry for you!
    I saw a bit of that movie when I was younger too and had dreams for AGES of me standing in the school yard covered in cockroaches D: D:

    1. Thanks hun! :P

      Luckily I never had any dreams of being covered in cockroaches. Although they do show up in my dreams quite a lot. :(


  2. Hahaha you're really funny, although the situation must have been horrible.. I had the same thing last week with a big hudge spider. Not just a normal regular household spider, it wasn't even possible that this thing could come from Holland. It was hudge, hairy and when you zoomed in the picture I had made (yes, I made a picture because I thought this was newspaper news) you saw that his eyes were green and shiny.. oh god.
    Lucky enough your boyfriend was there to save you..

    With love,

    Confessions of a blonde

    1. Oh goodness, that must have been even worse! I'm not as afraid of spiders as I am of cockroaches, but large spiders that can move really fast will freak me out in much the same way. Thankfully large spiders haven't made an appearance in our apartment yet. :)


  3. I would've done exactly the same!! That would have been terrifying! x


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