A Little Family Reunion.

Last night almost the entire family from my Mums side got together to eat, drink, celebrate and catch up. This rarely ever happens as everyone is always so busy, and one of my Uncle's lives in Hong Kong, but last night was a special occasion as it was our first time meeting my Uncle's new wife.  The two of them got married in Hong Kong at the beginning of May this year, and as most of the family couldn't afford to fly over for their big day, my Uncle arranged to bring his new wife on a holiday to Australia so that we could finally meet her in person.  :)

Some of my extended family

It just so happens that last night was also my new Aunt's 24th birthday, so my Uncle kindly shouted everyone to a three course meal at this really nice restaurant near my Mums house.  For starters I ordered the calamari (which was very daring of me because I normally steer clear of seafood), for my main I ordered a scrumptious lamb loin/mashed potato combo (it was called something else but I can't remember what), and for dessert I received a generous slice of my lovely Aunt's chocolate birthday cake. :D  It was a long, enjoyable night and probably the most fun I've had with my extended family in years.  Lots of photos were taken, far too many to share them all, so here are just a few of my favourites.. Enjoy!

Mum, the birthday girl and I
Meeting some of her nieces and nephews
Me and my cousins (you can tell we're related can't you?)
Me and my Mum

Mum and her sister
Two of my favourite Aunts
Mum's older brothers
Me and my Pa

My little brother, Mitchell
My gorgeous Mother
My Nana and Pa // Pa giving a funny speech
My Uncle and his new wife // Blowing out her birthday candles

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