Watching: New episodes of Dexter, Revenge, Modern Family, Castle, Criminal Minds, Glee, Big Bang Theory, Winners and Losers, Beauty and the Geek.. oh yes, and the X Factor. :)

Listening To:  Whatever's on my ipod, but only when I'm driving.  I never listen to the radio or play music at home.  Yes, I'm weird.

Thinking About:  How much Uni sucks right now and how I wish I could be doing something more enjoyable with my time.  I'm also thinking about my health a lot lately as well.

Trying To Figure Out:  How to get my remaining assignments done when I have zero motivation to do them, and whether or not I should get a full fringe again.

Looking Forward To:  Uni being over for the year, expanding my design business, saving some money, spending more time with B.. unfortunately most of these lovely things are only going to be short lived. :(

Reading:  Blogs, text books and free self help books.  Yay for free stuff!

Making Me Happy:  B, food, TV shows, cuddles and the thought of hanging out with the furbabies. :)

What are you currently up to?


  1. uni's my main opponent as well! I just want to graduate and get the hell out of here... (and pay my loan too)

  2. Haha don't worry, uni is pretty sucky for me as well! It is damn silly and I cannot wait for the next few weeks to pass so that I can be FREEEEEEEE for four months! Hurray! Also I only listen to music when driving as well - I can't concentrate on anything if it is playing when I am at home! PS I think you have such a cool blog, it is so refreshing to come across one that has clearly had a lot of effort put into the layout and content. Yaaayy for cool blogs!


    1. I know right, four months holidays is going to be incredible! :) That's so cool that you only listen to music when driving as well.. I seriously thought I must have been the only one. :P

      Thanks so much for stopping by and complimenting my blog. I will definitely by popping by to check out yours now!


  3. LOVE Criminal Minds! Could watch it all day long! :D


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