My life lately.

My cousins' dog Hawkie came to stay with Phoebe and Joey whilst their family went
down to Melbourne for the grand final over the weekend.  I only spent one day with
him but that was more than enough for me.  He was super hypo and didn't want a bar
of Phoebe or Joey. :(

This is Phoebe's disgruntled "please don't let this dog move in with us forever" face. :P

Joey tried really hard to be friends with Hawkie, but Hawkie wasn't interested.

I also painted my nails white with rainbow glittered edges.  I was going for what I
was hoping would be a 'fairy bread' look. 

I purchased this simple but elegant mustard dress from Myer for a wedding next
month.  It was the first dress I tried on in the first shop I walked into, and I fell in
love with it instantly.  It was on sale too, so I only paid $44 for it.

I also purchased these shoes from Kmart for $25.  Not a bad price if I do say
so myself. ;)


  1. I really thought Kmart was an American thing. I had no idea that y'all have one in Australia but you're the second of my blog friends that finds really great things there. Like those shoes! I also liked seeing the dress styled on IG. You did great with it!
    And those pups - so cute. I love Phoebe's face in that one shot. haha My pets each made the same face when we brought a new pet home from the boutique. We've got three and they all hated each other at first. :)

    1. It probably is, same as Target, we just happen to have them over here as well. :) And lol at our jealous pets! Where would we be without them? :P



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