A conversation with Joey, holiday life + a rant about teenage behaviour.

Hey guys,

I hope you're all well and having a relaxing weekend like I am for the first time in months.  If not, check out this short video of our Maltese puppy "talking" to my Mum and you'll instantly feel ten times better. :)  

I can't believe I've finally finished my second last semester of Uni.  On Wednesday afternoon I sat my final exam (free from nerves as I'd already been informed that I had passed that class on my assignment marks alone) then celebrated by ordering pizza with the girls and passing out on the couch by 8.30pm. :P 

I'm still in the habit of setting my alarm for 6.30 every morning, but with the 10+ design jobs I have lined up I'm thinking this is probably a good thing.  B has also just finished Uni for the year and has informed me that he will be watching cricket non-stop in the vicinity of my office/designing space, so it will be interesting to see how long I can last without screaming at him to turn the tv down.  I'm so lucky that I have my little design business to keep me busy over the holidays, but poor B only has work two nights a week and doesn't have much else aside from playing computer games, watching cricket, and going for his daily run along the boardwalk to keep himself entertained.  Here's hoping he starts to take an interest in general housework and cleaning up after he makes himself a snack. ;)

We will probably start hitting up our local cinema a lot more over the next few months (to escape our boredom and momentarily avoid this ridiculous Queensland heat) but mark my word, if we have to encounter another teenage couple doing obvious sexual favours in the seats behind us like we did when we were watching Paranormal Activity the other night, I may just have to turn around and vomit my dinner all over them.  Seriously though, what is wrong with these people?!  I know I'm probably sounding like an old woman here, but back when I was a teenager (which was only 4 years ago) I never would have dreamt of doing something so personal in a room full of complete strangers.. I mean where's their self respect? not to mention their respect for their partner in crime?  Here's an idea!  Why not show your "partner" how much you care about them by not pulling their pants down and making them moan undeniably loud in the middle of a public place? 

/end rant.


  1. Eeeww! Thankfully I can say that I have never encountered anybody doing SEXY TIMES in a cinema before. I don't know what it is about movie theatres that makes people turn into massive douchebags! All that seat kicking and loud talking and popcorn eating and aaaarrrrghhhh. Go away, annoying people! There are a whole bunch of cool movies coming out soon though :)


  2. AWWW Joey is too adorable!! And ugh I hear you about people in the cinema! I have never understood why you would do that in public? Hello! People have ears and eyes!! It's good you've got your designing to keep you busy over the holidays, we should try to catch up sometime! I've only got 2 weeks left of placement then i'm finished for the year :)

    1. We should definitely catch up over the holidays. :) I'm just waiting to see if we'll still be living here next year and then I'm thinking of joining the gym. They have a deal on for students where it's $349 upfront for a whole year.. so less than $1 a day! Maybe we could sign up together. :P



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