Beach Weekend Recap.

Late Friday morning my Mum drove down to the coast to visit B and I, catch up with the girls and finally meet their Mum.  We decided to meet up for lunch at Paradise Point, grabbed some fish and chips (or in my case a pluto pup) and just enjoyed the fresh air. :)

Mum and I eating lunch



Handsome face

The annoying seagulls that Mum decided to feed

After lunch the girls and I went for a little walk and asked B to snap a few a lot of photographs of us. These two were my favourites..

Afterwards the girls and their Mum returned home for dinner and B and I took my Mum back to our place. As B was leaving for a boys night/work shift, Mum and I commenced our girls weekend.  We'd already arranged to go to the movies with the girls later that night, so while we were waiting I started cooking dinner (slow cooker chicken curry) and we watched 'Crazy Stupid Love' on dvd.  When the girls arrived I quickly gave them a makeover (I'm obsessed with makeover's lately) and then we head out to see 'The perks of being a wallflower'.  After the movie the girls returned home and Mum and I head back to my place to watch The Big Bang Theory and get some sleep.

The next morning the girls arrived relatively early and the four of us head off to check out the Carrara markets. The markets were pretty rubbish so we moved on to a shopping centre, did some Christmas shopping, and grabbed ourselves some lunch.  Come 2.30pm we were all fairly exhausted so Mum dropped us home and made the trip back to her house.  Within half an hour of Mum's departure I ended up getting a full on migraine, so I was actually thankful that our day ended early.

By Sunday morning I was feeling much better, which was lucky, as our friends Steph and Andy were coming down to visit.  Steph and Andy had never been to our local beaches before so B and I decided to show them around.  First we went to Main Beach where we managed to get a tan sunburned and ate some delicious icecream, then we moved on to this awesome fish and chip shop where we picked up some lunch to eat at 'The Spit'.  After lunch I suggested we go for a walk to see if there was another beach nearby, and fortunately we did as we ended up discovering the coolest dog friendly beach that I have ever come across. We're definitely going back there with the furbabies next time! :)

So how was your weekend?  Get up to anything out of the ordinary?


  1. Looks like you had an awesome day! Was the perks of being a wallflower any good? :)


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