Real Techniques Brushes Review.

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Today I thought I would do another beauty product review, this time on some of the make-up brushes I have been using from the Real Techniques range by Samantha Chapman.  I purchased six of these brushes (pictured below) about 3 months ago, and since then I have used these brushes 2-3 times a week.

L-R: Stippling brush, Buffing brush, Shading brush, Pointed foundation brush, Detailer brush and Contour brush.

These brushes have been out for a while now and have received so much praise from beauty guru's, however being someone who is only just getting into make-up I thought it would be fun to share my "not so experienced" opinion. :)  So, without further ado, here are my thoughts..

Stippling brush - This brush is great for applying liquid foundation but terrible for applying mineral foundation.  I agree that this brush can be used to achieve an "airbrushed" look, although you may need to apply several layers of foundation in order for this to happen.  I would personally only ever use this brush before a big night out as I believe saving my foundation is more important than looking like a magazine model.

Buffing brush - This brush is without a doubt my favourite brush out of all six.  Not only does this brush apply flawless liquid foundation, but it is also great at applying mineral foundation, pressed powders, blush.. the list goes on!  The bristles on this brush are so soft that you won't want to put the brush down.  I honestly look forward to putting on my foundation of a morning as I know I'll be using this brush. :)

Shading brush - This brush, whilst not one of my favourites, is good for applying eye shadow to the outer lid and crease.  It isn't the best at picking up colour, at least in my experience, but it is definitely suitable for blending out eye shadow that has already been applied.

Pointed foundation brush - I tried using this brush to apply my foundation as is its purpose, but all it did was soak up my foundation and make the whole application process ten times longer.  I decided to take to YouTube to find out if anyone had found an alternative use for this brush, and most users suggested that the brush was good for applying concealer underneath the eyes.  Well I tried that, and no, it didn't work for me at all.  Oh well.. you win some, you lose some!

Detailer brush - I don't use this brush very often, however it is a great brush for precision application of eye shadow on the tear ducts as well as for applying darker lipsticks that you don't want to smudge around the outside of your lips.  A great little brush to pull out for special make-up occasions.

Contour brush - This is my second favourite brush after the buffing brush as it can be used for applying highlighter, bronzer and blusher without having to clean the brush in between.  It is the perfect size, and is very soft.  A great little brush to have in your collection. :)

If you're interested in picking these brushes up for yourself, you can head on over to and use the discount code KZV812 to receive $5 off any order under $40, or $10 off any order over $40 if you're a first time customer! (Please note, I was given this discount code to share with you all after purchasing these brushes with my own money. I was not asked to write this post or to promote this website at all).

I hope this review has been helpful to some of you, and if you have any questions about the brushes please feel free to ask me in a comment below. :) 


  1. Beautiful...
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  2. The Buffing Brush is so so so good , I love real techniques , great post hun !

    1. I know right, it's so awesome! Thanks for your support! :)


  3. I love the Real Techniques brushes! The Pixiwoo girls are amazing. I actually stopped by as I loved the design you did for El Mac's (From Make-up Your Mind) blog! It really is beautiful. Great job

    Jo x amomentwithjo

  4. Seems like a good Christmas present for someone dear
    Thanks for sharing
    livvyy x

    1. They'd make a wonderful Christmas gift!
      You're welcome! :)



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