A day at the dog beach.

Hey guys,

Here are some snap shots from my day at the dog beach with my friends and family.  It was a gorgeous day and everyone, dogs included, had a really good time. :)

My brother holding Phoebe, and my Mum holding Joey.
Phoebe checking out all of the shirtless men.
Myself and B. :)
Joey, B and Anita.
Joey saying hello to another dog.
Jaana and Bianca's poodle Mim.
Bianca. :)
Mim telling the other dogs off.
Steph and Andy. :)

Steph and Minnie.
Andrew and Minnie.


  1. Yay :) it was such a good day! Although not going to lie that is one of the goofiest photos of myself that ive ever ever seen!! Hahahaha

  2. Also, I want to take Phoebe and Joey home! They are so adorable and cheeky and cute!!!


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