Merry Christmas! + What we're getting up to.

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all well and having a fantabulous Christmas day (and hopefully not reading this until after your celebrations). :D  Now, since I love Christmas and all the traditions that come with it so much, I thought I would take some time to share what B and I are getting up to this year. :)


If you follow me on instagram you may already know that I put our Christmas tree up rather early this year. Just like last year, and probably for many years to come, I did this because in Australia our horrible summer weather can make it very hard to get in the Christmas spirit unless you're constantly surrounded by twinkling lights and the smell of unboxed Christmas decorations.  Having the tree up early also helps to remind me to get the majority of my Christmas shopping done and out of the way before the panic starts to set in.  This year I did at least half of my Christmas shopping online and scored a number of great bargains, however I couldn't pass up the experience of going Christmas shopping with friends and family at some of our local shopping centres (I think I hit 5 major shopping centres in total).  It seems like almost everyone goes into a mad panic at Christmas time, complaining about the large crowds and trying to find a car park, but clearly these people must be going to the wrong shopping centres because I always find a parking spot within the first two minutes, and very rarely have I had to wait long in line or bumped into strangers whilst walking through the aisles.  Maybe next year you should all just come Christmas shopping with me. :P

Some of our Christmas shopping!

The night before Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Eve, B and I gathered up all of our presents, packed our travel bags etc and loaded his car for the hours drive to my Mum's place in Brisbane.  We arrived in the evening just in time for a yummy meal of roast silverside, then headed back out with my Mum and brother to check out some of the local Christmas light displays.  By the time we got back to Mums, B needed to go to work (he works night shift), so we said our goodbyes and I went to bed.

Christmas lights in Brisbane.

Christmas Eve

The next morning on Christmas Eve, I was woken by Phoebe and Joey, then not long after B arrived home from work and took over our bed for the day.  While B was sleeping the rest of us spent our time talking, eating, watching tv, playing with the dogs and opening our presents from our lovely Finnish friends Anita and Jaana (as they traditionally open all of their presents on Christmas Eve).  When B woke up later that afternoon we took the furbabies for a quick walk around the lake and then the four of us started getting ready for our annual Christmas Eve dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house.

My brother, Mitchell, opening his presents from Anita and Jaana.

We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle's house at around 5 o'clock for drinks and nibblies on the back patio, and ended up playing several hilarious rounds of celebrity heads with my cousins and grandparents. Once it was dark we headed back inside to avoid the mozzies and exchange Christmas presents.  I was delighted to receive some luxurious soap and skincare products from my Aunty, as well as a large polka dot umbrella and some antique/family heirloom napkin rings from my Nana and Pa. :)

Myself and B at my Aunty's house on Christmas Eve. :)

Every year without fail my Aunt puts on the most incredible Christmas spread including roast pork, turkey, ham, prawns (not that I eat them), her infamous potato salad, and in true Aussie tradition, a freaking good pavlova! :D  Unfortunately this year there was no pavlova (much to the mouth dropping disappointment of me and my cousin David, haha!) however there was a scrumptious trifle ready to send me into my inevitable food coma. :P

As usual, we didn't get back to Mum's place until just before midnight, so after reluctantly removing my make up and changing into my new favourite pyjamas, B and I fell straight to sleep and stayed that way until this morning..

Stay tuned for the rest of our Christmas recap later this week! :)


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