What we got up to for Christmas & Boxing Day.

Hey guys,

Following on from my previous post about the events leading up to Christmas, today's post will be a slightly more detailed and picture filled recap of what B and I got up to for Christmas and Boxing day. Enjoy!  :)

Christmas Day

Joey, Phoebe and I on Christmas morning.

On Christmas morning B and I got up at around 6.30, mooched around in the lounge room taking photos of the dogs for a good half an hour, ate ham and jarlsberg (or in my case, ham and mustard) croissants for breakfast with my Mum and brother, then went back into the lounge room and assumed our positions for  the present opening extravaganza! (otherwise known as everyone but myself sitting comfortably on the couch or in a recliner whilst I get up and down every 5 seconds to hand out everybody's presents, lol).

The presents I handed out to everybody.

I couldn't be bothered taking photos of my own presents at the time, let alone anyone else's, but lets just say that everyone seemed very happy with what they were given.  Some of my favourite presents from Christmas morning were the two large comfy pillows that my brother gave us for the bedroom (the ones that we had been using previously made me wake up with a sore neck), Michel Mercier detangling brush for fine hair from my mother, and a white embossed vintage style biscuit barrel from B.  Probably my favourite part of the present opening though was watching the furbabies open and play with their presents.  After opening their first present they were so intrigued as to whether there were any more that they stuck their noses in every present being opened from that point on. :P

L-R: Phoebe and Joey getting in on the fun, opening their presents, destroying their presents, and sniffing out my presents.

After everyone had finished opening their presents we started cleaning up, getting showered, dressed etc, and packed up all of the food for our lunch at Picnic Point.  An hour and a half's drive and two cars later, the four of us arrived in Toowoomba ready to stuff our faces.  For Christmas lunch we were joined by B's Dad, two brothers, Aunt and Uncle, and due to a lack of communication as to who was bringing what, we ended up having twice the amount of food necessary to fill everyone's stomachs.  At the end of the day though it was better to have too much food than not enough, and fortunately we managed to bring quite a wide variety of food between us all. :)

Christmas day lunch at Picnic Point.

Once we'd finished lunch we all stood together for a family portrait (thanks to B's brother Tim and his camera tripod), packed everything up, then drove across town to where B's Aunt and Uncle were building their new house.  After a thorough tour of the work in progress we said farewell to his Aunt and Uncle and then the rest of us headed back to B's family home for a quick cup of tea before my Mum drove back to Brisbane.  Shortly after my Mum left, my brother headed over to stay at my Dads house for the night (my dad lives around the corner from B's dad) so B and I got stuck into some chips and gravy and then watched a bit of Anchorman until we fell asleep.

Mine and B's family at Picnic Point.

Boxing Day

On boxing day we woke up feeling somewhat refreshed by the cold rainy weather that had hit us overnight, so as soon as the shops opened B and I decided to venture out to check out the boxing day sales.  Much like last year the crowds were too big to get a proper look at things, so we decided to call it quits and check out the shops in our home town the following day.  The only thing I ended up buying was a set of three Christmas scented votive candles from Dusk as an extra little present for my Dad.  I normally wouldn't be able to afford any of the candles from Dusk, but on this particular day I was able to pick up that gift set for $10 marked down from $25. :)

L-R: My brother Mitchell, Judy, Dad, Lexi, Me and Abby.

Once we'd finished at the shops B and I drove over to my Dad's house to join my brother for boxing day lunch with Dad, Dad's partner Judy, and her two daughters Lexi and Abby.  After swapping presents (where we were lucky enough to be given a huge Christmas hamper and $100 cash!) my Dad surprised us all by getting down on one knee, pulling out a ring, and proposing to Judy in front of all us kids.  Of course Judy said yes (she even teared up a little bit), so we celebrated by eating chicken salad rolls and chocolate mud cake with ice cream. :)

Judy's engagement ring, and the happy couple.

After lunch we went into the backyard to get some family photos taken, then at around 3pm we packed up B's car and started making the two and a half hour trip back home to the Gold Coast.

What did you guys get up to for Christmas this year?


  1. My sisters and I were all able to be together for Christmas this year, which was quite the feat considering I moved 7 hours away, one sister just had a baby, and another just got engaged. We all love being with our dad for the holiday, so, while it's chaotic, loud, and somewhat dysfunctional, I wouldn't rather have it any other way.

    Happy New Year!!

    1. Glad you could be with your family over Christmas!

      Happy new year hun! :)


  2. That seems like such a great time! Your dogs are so so cute. And it's amazing that you were there when your father proposed, so sweet! xo


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