You know you're an adult when..

Hey lovelies!

Below is a short list of some of the funny, ironic, and often down right miserable things that I've personally noticed about life as an adult.  I started mentally compiling this list Saturday afternoon whilst driving to and from an Australia Day gathering as the designated driver (see, I'm such an adult) and thought it might be worthwhile for me to share these observations with all of you. :)  Enjoy!

You know you're an adult when..

- You find yourself actually wanting to "hang out" with your parents.
- Your parents come to you for advice.
- Your parents friends start sending you Christmas cards with their annual family newsletters attached. 
- Spending a day at Ikea is equivalent to spending a day at an amusement park.
- 'New pillows' is a perfectly acceptable response when someone asks you what you want for Christmas.
- You cannot be sober at a Christmas party without people asking if you are pregnant.  In fact, you're basically not allowed to be sober at a party ever.
- Your family is more concerned about when you'll be getting married/popping out grand kids than what your grades are like at school.
- You order yourself a set of business cards.
- Instead of saving up for a new car or a trip overseas, you're saving up for laser eye surgery and a tonsillectomy (can someone say health insurance?).
Every time a woman you know gets pregnant you worry that they are going to choose steal one of your pre-selected future baby names.
- You often find yourself engaging in conversations about bodily functions with your spouse.
- You can't even remember the last time that you went "clubbing".
- You're exhausted all of the time, but if anyone ever asks you how you are you always say that you're "ok".
- You purchase an Xbox Kinect to "keep fit" rather than for enjoyment.
- You can afford to buy all of the crap you always wanted as a teenager, but you choose not to.
- Take away just doesn't taste as good any more.
- You plan your meals out a week in advance, and take a shopping list to the grocery store always.
- You prefer multigrain bread over white bread (but still lather it in nutella, because you can never be too old for nutella).
- You have no idea who sings that catchy song that comes on the radio, and you're amazed when someone else your age does.
- You manage to pass your house inspection without your parents being there to help you.
- You insist on having car insurance and are weighing up the pro's and con's of getting contents insurance, health insurance etc.
- You always wash up immediately after eating, and will death stare anyone else who doesn't.
- You find yourself boasting about how cheap your latest outfit was.
- You own high heels, you just choose not to wear them.
- You've made your own recipe book.
- The weather forecast actually has an effect on you.
- You're not automatically offended when you're not always invited to your friends gatherings/events.
- You turn your electrical appliances off at the wall at night to save on your electricity bill.
- You pay to have pest control done.
- You start your sentences with phrases like "back in my day.." or "when I was your age.." on a regular basis.

What have you noticed since becoming an adult?


  1. Probably that now days I actually notice when things need to be cleaned or fixed. When I was younger, they never even registered. But now if there's a smudge on the table, I'm all over that!

  2. Great post! My list is pretty much identical, how bad is it that we're now saying "back in the day"! Ahhh! I reckon I would have a few but it would take a while to think of!


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