My life lately.

Spent some time with my Mum and friends at the beach. :)

Redesigned my blog!

Watched the first three seasons of 'Felicity'.
(I'm half way through season 4 at the moment).

Survived the floods. :)


  1. Yay for beach and surviving floods!! I love your new blog design (I think I said this the other day lol) but yeah!

  2. You have such an amazingly cute design :)
    Wihoo for surviving the floods... we are just waiting for the flood that always occur here in Finland and more specifically around the area where I live... I live on the western coast in a city called Vasa and every year (well every year for as long as I can remember) there has been a huge flood out on the country side. Some years it has been so horrible that people have had to flee their houses due to the water coming in to their basements... I really hope there wont be a flood this spring
    Lovely beach picture :)

    1. Naww, thanks lovely! :) and I hope you stay safe throughout those floods! My best friends are from Finland so I'll have to pass along your blog for them to check out. :)



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