Sunday, 3 March 2013

A surprise farewell party.

Hey lovelies,

So about two and a half weeks ago my best friends, Anita and Jaana, were offered a three year teaching contract at a primary school in Northern Queensland.  They were given just over a weeks notice to pack everything up, say goodbye to their friends and family, and make the 12 hours drive to their new location.  As this didn't leave the girls enough time to say goodbye to everybody, I was fortunate enough to be able to see them three times before they left.

One of these times was when I accompanied them to say goodbye to my Mum, brother and furbabies who they have grown very close to over the past 3 and a half years of our friendship.  As far as the girls knew they would just be going over to hang out, take the dogs for a walk, and possibly receive their birthday presents that we had been hinting at giving them early.  What they, and I, hadn't been expecting though was the surprise farewell party that my Mum would have waiting for them..

a hot lunch of soft mexican tacos

a crapload of presents

yummy lamington birthday cake with fresh cream filling!

a photoshoot with the furbabies
a 'growling war' with Joey

and an afternoon watching Heath Ledger ;)
It was a great day for everyone, and the perfect way for us to say 'goodbye and see you soon!'. :)


  1. What a lovely little surprise for them, how nice of your sweet Mum! Looks like you guys had a nice afternoon. You can just make the distance fun by sending each other packages in the post and such, and weekend visits!

    1. We sure can, we just need to train ourselves to put pen to paper rather than fingers to keyboard haha! :P



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