My life lately: Food, food and more food.

1. Finished off my Easter treats and saved the best 'til last. How cute is the chocolate butterfly? :D
2. Received this awesome inspirational poster in the mail from Tico and Tina!

3. Tried out Tanya Burr's 'Mila Kunis' smoky eye makeup tutorial and fell in love.
4.Gave myself a glittery pink manicure. :)

5. Started taking magnesium supplements before bed. They're great! Basically stopped my daily headaches from occurring and are helping me to sleep better at night. :D
6. Picked up these super cute/super comfy work out tops from Cotton On Body.

7. Visited my local farmers market for the first time. It was pissing down rain when I went and my shoes filled up with water, but it was worth it. :)
8. Because I've started eating clean and intend on doing so for good, I've been trying to use up all of the processed food sitting in the pantry. This is just one of the naughty concoctions that I've consumed recently. (Note: I've since stopped trying to use up the nutella as it's caused me to break out in cyst like acne on my chin. Not good!)

9. This strange looking mess was actually a 100% organic, 100% delicious stack of pancakes.  Sadly it didn't photograph as well as it tasted.
10. Since cutting out gluten from my diet (well, almost anyway) I made the switch to brown rice and decided to try out some brown rice recipes. This was a pumpkin and spinach risotto and it tasted ok - nothing flash! I'm moving on to try quinoa next as I've heard it's meant to be even better for you. :)


  1. Brown rice dishes are way better for you, but they sure don't taste it. I love quinoa, Luke & I make the most amazing quinoa dish the recipe is here:


    1. Hey, thanks for sharing! That does look really good. I've pinned it on pinterest for future reference, hehe :)


  2. lovely snapshots in life and adorable little things!

    would you like to follow each other?


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