Today is my birthday!

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Hey lovelies,

As you all know I am currently away on my final ever teaching internship and it's because of this that I haven't been able to keep up with my usual Thankful Tuesdays and My Life Lately posts.  Today, however, is a very special day as it just so happens to be my 24th birthday! :)

As far as I know there hasn't been anything planned for me, although if there has I'll be sure to post about it on my Instagram or here on the blog in just a few more weeks.  In the mean time though, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to go through my 23 while 23 list that I created around this time last year.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, basically I created a list of 23 things that I had hoped to have achieved/had happen before I turned 24 this year.  I've inserted a copy of this list below so that we can all see what I have or have not managed to get checked off.

23 while 23
1. Finish Uni with a GPA of 5 or higher. 
I don't actually graduate until the end of next month, but as long as I pass all of my current subjects I will definitely have a GPA of at least 5.

2. Get engaged to the man of my dreams.
Hah! I wish.. maybe if I'm really lucky he'll propose to me by the end of today.

3. Go on some sort of vacation, even if it's just for one night.
Unfortunately a vacation just wasn't on the cards for us. :(

4. Reach 1000 GFC followers! :D
Yeah, no.  Didn't quite happen for me this year. Haha!

5. Get back down to my goal weight of 51kg.
I actually don't have a specific goal weight any more, but I'll explain why when I get back from my internship next month.

6. Read 'Fifty shades of grey' (just to see what all the hype is about). 
Done! In fact, I read all three of the books from this series.

7. Go to Dreamworld, or at least purchase passes for Dreamworld.
Sadly going to Dreamworld didn't fit into our budget this past year.

8. Invite friends over for dinner and a game of Pictionary. :)
Damnit, I forgot all about this one!

9. Do another 7 day cleanse. 
Well I didn't do the lemon detox, but I have been on a permanent daily detox/cleanse for the past couple of months, so to me that still counts.

10. Fill up the rest of my recipe folders.
Nearly, but not quite.

11. Start creating my own digital artwork for our apartment and to share on the blog. 
Done and done!

12. Save $1000 in case we need to move again. 
Done!  Unfortunately we won't be moving until the beginning of next year though. :(

13. Get all dressed up and have someone take some professional looking photos of me for the blog. 
Done.  Thanks Tim!

14. Spend a week without the internet.
I wish!

15. Clean up my friends list on facebook. 
Doneeeeeee. :D

16. Not consume any alcohol unless it's part of a recipe (jelly shots don't count).
From January 1st onwards I've managed to do this, but I slipped in the months beforehand.

17. Complete some more DIY projects. 
I re-purposed some old jewellery to give away as gifts. Does that count?

18. Get myself into a morning routine of showering, eating breakfast and having my hair and make up done before 8am.
Haven't quite mastered this yet.

19. Go to a flea market. 
I went to the Carrara Markets and a farmers market, so that's good enough for me.

20. Catch up with old friends that I haven't seen for ages (Hayley, Kim, Beck, Jamie and Rikki come to mind). 
I caught up with Hayley and Kim just the other day actually, and Rikki a few times as well.  I really need to catch up with Jamie and Beck as soon as I finish Uni though.

21. Get Mum to teach me how to crochet or use a sewing machine.
Hmm.. forgot I wanted to do this as well.

22. Expand my blog design business.
Still a work in a progress, but I will be revealing the new expansion towards the end of next month.

23. Create a 24 while 24 list. 
I will be revealing this list tomorrow.

Well, it looks as though I managed to get about half of this list checked off, so I guess that isn't too bad of an effort!  I did much better than I thought I would have done at least. :P  Who knows.. perhaps by this time next year I'll finally have that ring on my finger!

Come back tomorrow to check out my '24 while 24' goals list. :)


  1. happy birthday@! Hope you get some yummy cake like that!

  2. Thanks hun! Ben baked me a mud cake, hehe! :P



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