My life lately: The gym + long awaited catch ups.

1. I started back up at the gym and took this cheesy shot with Bianca to celebrate.  Since then, we've basically just been going to yoga class and doing fast paced walking on the treadmill.  Unfortunately my gym payments no longer fit into my budget, so as of next month I will no longer be a gym member. :( Bianca has to quit as well though, so we're going to start walking and doing yoga together in our aparments.  Yay! :)

2. After finishing my internship I finally had the time to catch up with family and friends.  The first on my list of people to visit were my Mum, brother and of course the furbabies. :)  B and I drove up there on a Saturday night and arrived just in time for a scrumptious roast dinner.  After dinner (and some naughty dessert.. shh!) I curled up in the recliner with the furbabies in my lap and watched a sappy chick flick with Mum while B watched the football in the other room.  It wasn't a terribly exciting night, but it was just what I needed!  In the morning we woke up late and I cooked a hot pancake breakfast for everybody.  After breakfast we took the dogs for a long walk around the lake, and then my brother, B and myself drove to the local Nandos to meet my Dad, soon-to-be step mum and step sisters for lunch. Not many people that I know like Nandos but I absolutely adore their chicken burgers!  I ended up ordering a 'mild' chicken burger with the lot as I just couldn't pass up the caramelised onions and pineapple. :)

3. After lunch we said goodbye to my family and then B and I headed over to visit our friends Katie and Brad.  It was the first time that B had been over to their new place since they moved in last year, so after being given the royal tour, we all sat down for a drink (I drank water of course) and a good bloody catch up. Katie and Brad had just recently come back from overseas so they obviously had lots to tell us.  They even gave us some souvenirs each.  B was given a Viking necklace and I was given the gorgeous three leaf clover studs pictured above.  All in all it was a lovely afternoon. :)

4. Moving on a few days and I was jumping up and down with excitement at the reality that the final season of Dexter had finally begun.  It seems like forever since the season 6 finale, and I couldn't be more pumped to find out what happens next. :D  On a slightly less happy note, us Aussies also had to say goodbye to a much loved family tv show during the past week as well.  Packed to the Rafters has been a long time favourite of mine, with the hardest characters to say goodbye to being those of the twins (pictured above) who play little miss Ruby Rafter.  It's a shame when good things come to an end, even when it's just a tv show.. please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like this? :P

5 & 6. During the past two weeks I also got to catch up with Bianca (my gym buddy, pictured on the left) and Anita and Jaana (my old roomies & study buddies from Uni, pictured on the right).  As Anita and Jaana were only able to spend one day with us before they flew back to Mackay, my Mum and Bianca came over to my place so that we could all spend the day together.  We started our day off with presents, story telling and zucchini slice fresh from the oven, then we all piled into my Mums car and drove to the closest big shopping centre.  Unfortunately for us, the shopping centre we went to was one of those partially outdoors ones, and it of course just happened to be pissing down rain for the entire time that we were there.  Despite the rain though, we all had a lovely time, and I managed to get away without purchasing a single unnecessary item. :) Once we got back to my apartment we all curled up in front of the heater and watched the first episode of 'Under the Dome' (so far so good!).  After my Mum and Bianca had left, B, Jaana, Anita and I hopped in the car and drove to our local cinema ($7.50 movie tickets.. woohoo!).  We decided to see The Internship (as who could say no to Owen Wilson?) and we loved it!

So what have you been up to lately?

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