Sloughing off the excess.

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I know that Christmas is still a long way off, however, for those that do their Christmas shopping early I thought I would let you know in advance that I do not want or need a Christmas present this year (unless it's a new car, in which case, of course I want a Christmas present!).  In all seriousness though.. we've recently cleaned out our apartment and have been selling/giving away any unnecessary items that were cluttering up our living space, and the feeling that I've been getting from doing this is far more rewarding than the feeling I usually get when receiving a present.  I am in no way intending to be rude (and so I hope that I'm not coming off that way) but I just had to share with you guys how much better it feels to not have all this "stuff" constantly lying around, hiding in our wardrobe or stuffed in boxes underneath our bed. :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for keeping a few photographs, keepsakes and pretty ornaments in my apartment, but let's be honest - most of the items that we would ideally choose to have out on display (assuming you have a choice) are items that we have purchased and/or picked out for ourselves.  Occasionally you'll receive a really cool gift from a friend, but most of the time you're just being given one more hand cream that you'll never get around to using, or one more dinner set that isn't going to fit in your filled-to-the-brim kitchen cupboards. In other words, most of the gifts you're receiving aren't really a gift at all.. they're clutter.. stress.. just another item that you have to palm off to somebody else without the original gift giver finding out - I think you all know what I'm talking about!

I realise that some of my readers are still quite young and may have 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays to get through, but that doesn't mean that you have to receive 20+ "obligatory" gifts in order to enjoy these momentous occasions.  Why not make the night easier on yourself and ask your friends and family to bring a plate of food instead?  I wish I had of thought to do that when celebrating my own 21st!  Or better yet, if you're feeling a little more selfless, why not ask your friends to make a donation to charity in your name as a birthday gift instead?  One of my younger friends from Uni did this for his 21st last year, and not only were all of his guests more than happy to do so, but we felt GREAT doing it (and the birthday boy earned a few cool points as well!) :P

Anyway.. all I'm saying is that you really don't need to get me a gift this year (or next year, or the year after..) as I already have everything that I need, and really, I don't even want for anything unless it is something that I genuinely need - in which case I will more than likely buy that item for myself.  One thing I am short of though is money, and whilst it is sometimes considered rude to ask for money, if someone is going to insist on giving me a present (like I know my parents insist on giving us gifts) I would much rather be given money that I can spend on things that I genuinely want/need. :)

What are your thoughts on receiving gifts?  Have you ever "sloughed off the excess"
and felt like a whole new person afterwards?

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