My life lately: Babies, blogging, baking, beds..

1. Pursuit of Felicity recently reached 400 followers via GFC. :)  I realise this doesn't mean that over 400 people are actually reading my blog on a regular basis (I prefer to go by my bloglovin' follower count, and even then I'll divide that number by 4 to get a more accurate idea of my readership) however I like to believe that this number in some way represents my humble journey as a blogger.  I've never been one to harass other bloggers with those "follow me and I'll follow you back" attention seeking comments, and I've rarely ever advertised on high traffic blogs or thrown pointless giveaways just to get followers (I now only host giveaways if I believe that doing so will have a positive impact on my business).  I write for me, for my family, for my future family, and my friends.  I write for all of you guys who read intimate posts like this one for no other reason than to see what is happening in my life and to make sure that everything is ok.  I know that I don't have the hugest readership for someone who has been blogging for almost 2 and a half years, and I'm ok with that.  I'm more than ok with that. :)

2. One of my best friends, Katie, came down to visit me last week and we went crazy making cupcakes (effectively throwing clean eating out the window!).  Most of the cupcakes pictured above were iced by Katie, except for the pink and orange ones on the second bottom row which were obviously iced by me! :P  I had no idea what look I was going for with the orange one, but it basically just ended up looking like a bunch of worms, so I tried to be a bit more dainty with the pink cupcake and added a purple accent to try and make it look more like a flower.  Not sure that I succeeded, although they certainly tasted delicious!

3. In case you haven't heard from one of my recent thankful tuesdays posts, next year on the 24th of January (or thereabouts) I am going to be a big sister again! :D  At around the 6 week mark my Dad's fiancé Judy told us that she was pregnant, but because of her miscarriage earlier in the year (which was at around week 9) she asked us to keep the news to ourselves until she had reached 12 weeks.  During this silent time me and the girls (i.e. Judy and her two daughters Lexi and Abby) decided that the baby was definitely going to be a girl, and within a week or two we had all fallen in love with the name 'Mackenzie Faith'.  I would jokingly tell Judy to "look after Mackenzie for me" before I'd say goodbye on the phone, and once the 12 week mark rolled around I was telling anyone I could about my 'new sister Mackenzie'.  Come the 16 week mark though we were thrown through a bit of a hurdle when Judy was sent to Brisbane to get some tests done as the doctors believed that there was a chance that something could be wrong with the baby.  One very long weekend later we received the news that everything was fine, and that during one of the ultrasounds the doctors found what they strongly believed to be a very obvious willy!  I was (and still am a tiny bit) sceptical that the baby is in fact a boy, but my Dad assures me that with a willy like that there's no way the baby could ever be a girl. :P

So anyway.. the photo above is of the presents and card from the 'bump' that I recently purchased Dad for Father's Day (which is this Sunday here in Australia).  I was wandering around Kmart wondering what I could get Dad this year when I suddenly realised that it is perfectly acceptable to buy him gifts for/from the baby from here on out, and so I immediately ran over to the infant section and searched through the clothing racks like a small child digging through their presents on Christmas morning.. clucky much? haha! ;)  In the end I eventually selected a $6 shirt and shorts set for 0-3 months and a $3 one piece for newborns that says 'I love Mummy' and 'I love Daddy' all over it.. talk about a bargain! :D  It will be summer over here when the little fella is born, so thankfully all of his newborn clothes will be really cheap to purchase and they won't seem like such a waste when he grows out of them 5 minutes later. :P  Ahh!  I seriously cannot wait to meet the little dude! My new baby brother foetus (who will hopefully have a better name soon) is exactly 19 weeks old today. :)

4. This next photo is one that I took of my hair growth just the other day.  As you can see, it is now much longer than it originally was this time last year, and it is by far the longest that my hair has ever been.. ever! :) It's even longer again when I can be bothered to straighten it (which isn't often), but I actually think I prefer this messy/wavy look better anyway.  What do you guys think?

5. For the last 6 months B and I have been waking up every single morning complaining of a sore neck and/or back, and although we knew our bed/mattress was the problem, we decided to suffer through it as we were (and still are) extremely poor at the time.  That was until our bed frame decided to break to a point where it was basically being held together by a roll of duct tape.  We couldn't deal with the crinkly tape noise every time we moved around in bed, so we pulled her apart and threw her out on the footpath for kerbside clean up (she was gone within less than 24 hours!).

6. Not having enough money to replace her with a bed of magnificent quality, we decided to hit up Ikea (and may have indulged in their famous $4 cooked breakfasts) and picked up this simple white double bed frame for less than $200 (we had to pay extra for the slats and stuff).  The bed frame also has a matching headboard that you can purchase separately, but we're going to wait until we move house in January and actually have the room for one.  I'd eventually like to move our existing bedroom furniture into our future spare room (the tall boy etc. are such good quality that I would totally keep them for our nursery one day), move B's desk out (if we get a 3 bedroom house then we can have a main bedroom, spare bedroom and an office) and replace everything with all white furniture to make our bedroom more open and peaceful and a nice place to get a good nights sleep.. that's about as adventurous as my dreams are at the moment! :P

So what have you been up to lately?


  1. I think about future furniture ALL THE TIME! So I think your dreams are pretty darn cool! I haven't had an Ikea experience, I think I need to have one soon though! And how exciting about your baby brother, I hope everything goes well for your family!

    1. Oh wow, you definitely need to have yourself an IKEA experience! :P If you get there before 10.30-11 you can pick yourself up a really cheap cook up breakfast too (they have vegetarian options). :D


  2. Oh come on, those cupcakes look fabulous. I love the variety of color!


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